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03 Weird But True Health Tips

03 Weird But True Health Tips
03 Weird But True Health Tips

03 Weird But True Health Tips

The very mention of health tips brings to mind regular thoughts - drinking hot water, avoiding junk food, sleeping on time, etc. But these are traditional and die out. No, we are not saying that they are no longer effective, they are! But in this article, let us look at health tips that are unconventional. Points that may seem counterintuitive to you, even ridiculous! They may be weird health tips but are extremely useful! The following health tips may confuse you a little, but they work:


So let's see 11 weird but true health tips:


Health Tip #1 Want to sleep better? Just drink coffee!

According to the Japanese, they conducted a survey where people took a coffee nap that is, drinking 200 milligrams of coffee and then taking a 20-minute power nap or rest. These people felt more alert and performed better on their tests. But doesn't drinking coffee keep you awake? When someone drinks coffee, the caffeine brings in and clears adenosine, a molecule in the brain that stimulates alertness. So, when adenosine levels increase, they make one more tired. So, sleeping at this time helps flush out adenosine, and drinking coffee further reduces the effect of the molecule. This results in better sleep!


Health Tip #2 Want beautiful pearly whites? Don't brush your teeth immediately after eating!

Contrary to popular belief, do not brush your teeth right after eating or drinking. This is true for when you have just eaten acidic foods - citrus fruits, health drinks, sodas, tomatoes, etc. It can also remove the layer beneath it. It is best to wait at least half an hour before brushing.


Health Tip #3 Want to get smaller? Put on weight!

Unconscious Well, putting on weight to get in smaller size means just putting on muscle weight. This is seemingly feasible because a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the equal, but muscle takes up less area. So, if you have larger muscular tissues, despite the fact that you can weigh the same, your garments length may be smaller.


While traditional health tips like drinking hot water or avoiding junk food remain effective, there are unconventional approaches that can also yield significant benefits. The 3 weird but true health tips highlighted in this article challenge common assumptions but offer practical insights into improving overall well-being.

From drinking coffee before a nap to waiting before brushing teeth after consuming acidic foods, and even considering weight gain for a smaller physique through muscle building, these tips may initially seem counterintuitive but have proven health benefits.

By embracing these unconventional strategies alongside conventional wisdom, individuals can explore new avenues for enhancing sleep quality, preserving dental health, and optimizing body composition. Remember, in the realm of health, innovation and experimentation often lead to unexpected yet positive outcomes.


  1. How does drinking coffee before a nap improve sleep quality?

    • Consuming coffee before a short nap helps boost alertness and cognitive performance due to caffeine's interaction with adenosine, a molecule that induces drowsiness. By flushing out adenosine during sleep and reducing its effects with caffeine, individuals experience improved sleep quality and enhanced wakefulness upon waking.
  2. Why is it advised not to brush teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods or beverages?

    • Brushing teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods or beverages can erode tooth enamel and damage the layer beneath it. It's recommended to wait at least half an hour before brushing to allow saliva to neutralize acids and minimize the risk of enamel erosion.
  3. How can putting on weight make one appear smaller?

    • Putting on muscle weight can lead to a smaller appearance despite weighing the same as fat. Muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue, so a pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat. Thus, increasing muscle mass can result in a more compact physique and smaller clothing sizes.

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